About Us

Making a move is a must for spectacular success whilst making a move requires dreaming. Not only the planning but also believing in it is essential.

Established in 2005 with 40 years of experience in order to prepare plans for tomorrow and put these plans into practice flawlessly, ProPlan has created from tens of projects high-rise buildings reaching the sky, factories which contributed to the economy, and facilities which evoke admiration. It has put quite a few local projects as well as international projects into practice with the strong teams it formed and with its specialist business partners, perfect work processes, detailed reporting tools, thorough audit system and correct planning.

With its entrepreneurial spirit, experienced staff and leader viewpoint, it has become a company which carried the project development and project management sector one step forward.

Having considerable experience in various construction sites such as airports, subways, dams, infrastructures, railways, tunnels, luxurious housings, hotel chains, industrial facilities, sport complexes, shopping malls, cultural and trade centres, marinas and projects of combined buildings, ProPlan has been operating with the strength it acquired from knowledge as well as with the principal of perfection which it has never departed from.

ProPlan continues to transform the dreams into plans and plans into reality.

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