Managing your project from A to Z

We create alternative solutionsfulfilling projects' needs at every stage and offer guidance to our customers not just when producing solutions, but also when determining targets. We manage the development, design, planning, construction, operation and evaluation stages of our projects and we direct them through to the final stage. we stand for no errors in terms of time, quality and budgets as we work.

Design Management

Encompasses control of designs with the coordination of the various disciplinary groups (architectural, static, mechanical, electrical, infrastructural, etc.) and consulting companies that are included in the design process.

Tender Management

The preparation of the contract documents required during the selection of the bidding company that will work on the design and construction phases and the management of the contracting process

Contract and Claim Management

The tracking of all requirements of the contracts signed throughout the project life cycle between the customer and design firms, contractors and other groups involved in the project.

Risk Analysis and Assessment

Encompasses the definition and analysis of project risks and the implementation of necessary improvements to ensure that these risks are managed correctly

Construction Management

Encompasses the services carried out to ensure that the project is finished on time, at the desired quality and within the estimated budget through the application of all necessary controls and the completion of all production according to design.

Quality Assurance and Control

Ensuring that production carried out throughout the project life cycle is completed within the framework of the existing design, technical requirements, standarts and specifications.

Budget Management

Encompasses the services of preparing a preliminary budget suited to the design criteria, defining cost-tracking methods and conducting budget monitoring accordingly and reporting changes observed in the project budget.


The preparation of master and detailed work schedules for the project, informing the customer of possible delays and disruptions to the project beforehand by monitoring the construction process on the field within the scope of these schedules and ensuring that the schedules reflect the field correctly by updating them as necessary.

Supervision, Auditing and Commissioning

Encompasses the services provided to ensure the smooth operation of the system by participating in all supervision and auditing services to be provided throughout the project and in tests to be conducted at the final stages of the project.

Sustainable Project Management

The determination of management systems fitting the aims of environmentally conscious projects and ensuring that customer expectations shaped in the design phase are met.

Value Engineering

Finding alternative or economic solutions (in terms of metarials and/or the construction method) that will meet customers' needs in architectural, statical, mechanical and electrical disciplines, providing information based on market research when necessary.

Technical Consultancy

Conducting observations and assessments, in line with the customers' requests, within the architectural, statical and the electrical disciplines on methods, work ordering and technical matters that will open the way for construction on the field and reporting these to the customer.

Due Diligence

Determining project status by visiting the customer together with necessary personnel (architects and civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, etc.) at set intervals, the assessment of output through comparison with the monetary provisions outlined in the contracts and the reporting of this information to the customer.

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