Social Responsibility

ProPlan works for happy and hopeful tomorrows. It uses its resources in the right directions in order to contribute to the future generations and reach promising tomorrows. The social responsibility understanding of ProPlan, which is an environment-friendly and socially beneficial company, is detailed as the services it offers.

  • Contribution to the future

    Believing in the importance of raising individuals who are reintroduced to the social life, ProPlan works free of charge for the improvement of the conditions of schools which are in need of renovation.

    Please click to see the projects realized in this regard.

  • Nature conscious

    ProPlan creates solutions which raise the energy saving to a maximum level by measuring the environmental performance of the systems designed in the projects it has put into practice. ProPlan works with the philosophy that both the projects and the future of the world should be protected. In line with this philosophy, it helps the preservation of the nature and environment in all services it offers to its clients.

    Please click to see the projects realized in this regard.

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