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The advantage of experience

Firm steps cannot be imagined unless one swallows the dust in the construction site, breathes the site's air and the shoes get muddy. The managers and employees of the ProPlan benefit from the site experience in determining the prediction and uncertainty factor, and ensure that the projects are completed with zero error.

The power of innovation

Using the project management methods accepted in the world market, ProPlan renews its methods according to the developments in the international market. Giving priority to the local values, it creates projects which are in line with the universal norms and have a sustainable development target.

Flawless management system

ProPlan maintains a fast and complete progress for the project process thanks to its Management System. It manages systematically the whole project from a single centre by using the sophisticated project management tools in the management system. It performs the project management services in line with the requirements of the quality management system. It develops the management system according to the project in order to make the data flow in its projects more effective.

Scope Management
Time Management
Cost Management
Quality Management
Human Resources Management
Communication Management
Risk Management

The difference of successful managers

A correct project can be performed by the persons who are competent in their management areas. Accordingly, ProPlan selects the managers in its staff according to their education and experience in order to offer the service which suits the needs. The employees of the ProPlan, who are graduates of the leading universities in Turkey and abroad, add value not only to the ProPlan but also to the projects which they are involved in with their international experience and perfectionist understanding.

The advantage of correct selections

Adding value to the investments of the clients with the knowledge it possesses, ProPlan makes your investments turn into profit. Preparing the feasibility report by preplanning the investments with alternatives, ProPlan analyses the construction methods and selects the most profitable one for its clients. It creates optimum solutions in application details. ProPlan provides time and budget saving by ensuring the intended job is done at once.


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